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microwave antenna design
antenna design RF circuit design
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RF circuit design

RF, microwave design



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antenna  design


antenna design

We specialize in microwave, RF circuit design
and antenna design

With over 25 years of microwave and RF circuit design, antenna design, subsystem and system design, Tomany Consulting, has the engineering or manufacturing solution for you.

By implementing the most advanced microwave and RF circuit design analysis tools and software, Tomany Consulting can verify and prototype your solution, sometimes in a single day.

We design the RF / microwave content of products for data communications, and for test equipment

Antenna designRF circuit design

We create cost-effective printed microstrip microwave antennas and antenna arrays, employing the PCAAD software, and EM simulate them on Zeland Software's IE3D. Smaller units or sub-arrays can be prototyped on our LPKF circuit board plotter.

System designantenna design

Using Arden Software's SysCalc and Elanix' System View, we can design microwave or RF radio systems for today's advanced modulation formats (M-ary QAM, OFDM). We can evaluate the phase noise and stability requirements for these systems, as well as maximize the dynamic range.

Circuit designRF circuit design

We specialize in low cost "system-on-a-board" type integrated RF assemblies. We employ Ansoft's Serenade for high frequency circuit simulation, and design many microwave or RF components that can be incorporated into the PC board. These include amplifiers, switches, and printed microwave filters that need no alignment.
We EM-simulate filters and other critical areas on Zeland Software's IE3D, or with CST Microwave Studio for full three-dimensional problems.
To assure conformity to the FCC regulations, we also do our circuit layout and packaging, using CAD Design's EPD. We supply complete fabrication and assembly documentation with our projects. We can also test first articles for meeting specifications.

Component prototypingRF

Critical components can be quickly evaluated by fabricating the substrates on our LPKF ProtoMat circuit board plotter. Using this method, several generations of refinements may be possible in a days' time.

We might be able to take on your entire microwave project, or any part that you need help with, including the running of EM simulations on crucial areas of your circuit.antenna design

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